Takeshi’s Castle – Comedy Central

Takeshi’s Castle – Comedy Central

Edit Assistant for Season 1 to 4 of Takeshis Castle for Comedy Central.                                                                                                              

Working in AVID, I have been supporting production on the new series of Takeshi’s Castle, set to begin airing on Comedy Central from 26th October 2017.

In HD for the first time, we have been working on cutting down the original 75-minute long episodes from TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) into 22-minute episodes. With a new voiceover provided by Jonathan Ross, freshly made graphics and 1000’s of new contestants, it’s going to be really excited to see Takeshi’s Castle return to TV in the UK, as well as around the world on over 33 branded channels within the Viacom brand.

My involvement the show has been to provide full end-to-end support for the multiple edits working concurrently in our Post Production department at Viacom UK. From ingest and project management during the opening weeks of the edit, to regular viewing copy exports, conforming the picture locked sequences, to QCing and delivering the onlined, final episodes.


Takeshis’ Castle starts 26th October on Comedy Central UK at 8pm.